2023 Program

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0830 Registration
0915 Bus 1 Departs Pullman Albert Park
0930 Bus 2 Departs Pullman Albert Park
1030 Demonstrations Commence
1230 Lunch
1315 Demonstrations Resume
1430 Opportunity to view equipment and meet with suppliers
1530 Bus 1 Departs for Pullman Albert Park (arriving 1615)
1545 Bus 2 Departs for Pullman Albert Park (arriving 1630)
1800 Networking Function

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0800 Registration, tea and coffee
0830 Welcome and housekeeping
John McKew, NEO – Australian Organics Recycling Association
0840 Official welcome
Peter Wadewitz, Chair – Australian Organics Recycling Association
0850 Opening address
Ms Nina Taylor MP, Member for Albert Park
0900 INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Creating resources to grow composting infrastructure in the US
Frank Franciosi, Executive Director, US Composting Council & Compost Research & Education Foundation
0930 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Harnessing the co-benefits of composting
The Hon. Penny Wensley, National Soils Advocate
1000 Questions and discussion
1030 Morning tea break
1100 Food Waste: Why it’s everyone’s business
Petah Rhynehart, Dept of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
1120 Are we good to go with FOGO? Victoria is setting the standard for better recycling at home
Lorna Mathieson & Jennifer Anne, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action
1140 Packaging without Packaging – What does that mean?
Michael Dosser, Result Group
1200 Questions and discussion
1230 Lunch

This panel session will explore the synergies and differences in State Government visions, strategies and policies for the organics industry across Australia.

Panelists include:

– The Hon. Pam Allan, Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Board
– Mark Bannister, EPA Victoria
– Cara McNicol, Qld Dept of Environment and Science
– Amanda Kane, NSW EPA
– Steven Sergi, EPA South Australia
– Scott McKenzie, WA Dept of Water and Environmental Regulation

1500 Afternoon tea break
1530 The future of PFAS management in the recycled organics industry
Dr Matthew Askeland, ADE Consulting Group
1550 Plugging the Gaps – Improving the understanding of odour in composting design
Shaun Rainford, Arup & Matthew Leyton, Dulverton Waste Management
1610 Preparing for the Next Wave of Source Separated Organics
Charlie Emery, SOILCO
1630 Questions and discussion
1700 Close Day 2
1900 Conference Dinner

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0800 Registration, tea and coffee
0830 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Seizing the Opportunity – Learnings from the sugarcane industry
Lawrence Di Bella, Herbert Cane Productivity Services Limited & Di Bella Produce and Farming
0900 How to make excellent decisions that grow recycled organics markets
Andrew Dougall, Sustainability Victoria
0920 Subsoil amelioration using compost in Australian cropping and pasture systems
Bill Grant, Federation University & Frank Harney, Elmore Compost
0940 Just measure soil microbial activity
Dr Stephen Ockerby, Agsight
1000 Questions and discussion
1030 Morning tea break
1100 Building Geelong City’s cloud-based compost operations manager from scratch
Andrew Lucas, City of Greater Geelong & Patrick Blampied, Sequence Digital
1120 Best practice environmental regulation of organics recycling in Australia
Ben Carr, Carr Enviro
1140 Localised Organics Treatment – The benefits of local AD in regional areas
Luke Brennan, Gaia EnviroTech
1200 Wurzer Umwelt GmbH, a leading compost producer in Germany. Best practice impurity removal from compost
Johannes Schlosser Wurzer Umwelt
1220 Questions and discussion
1300 Lunch
1400 Where Does it Go? How we recover resources and give them new life
George Hatzimanolis, RepurposeIt
1420 Certified compostable ecovio® contributing to a more circular economy
Rowan Williams, BASF Australia
1440 Recycle Mate – A shared education platform to combat contamination in FOGO
Lara Barclay, Adaptation Environmental Support
1500 Can the organics recycling industry solve the plastics crisis?
Matt Kendall, Phantm
1520 Questions and discussion
1550 Conference wrap up and closing remarks
Peter Wadewitz, Chair – Australian Organics Recycling Association
1600 Conference Close

State and Federal rebates for open to the organic recycling sector
Rob Richardson & Kyle Sawyer, Energy Conservation

The poster explains how the organic recycling sector can access funding for capital and operating costs through Federal and State carbon credit and grant programs; and how such programs can motivate waste generators to recycle more organics.

Wood Fibre – The new frontier in Growing Media
Sam Li Rosi, PremierTech

The world needs growing media to sustain the estimated increase and demand in feeding a growing world population.  Wood fibre technology is the new frontier for horticulture industries using sustainable products and help reduce carbon emissions. This poster provides insight to wood fibre engineered and sustainable solution.


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