Meet our sponsors

AORA would like to acknowledge the following organisations for their support of the 2024 Annual Conference:

Department of Environment and Science




AgSight specializes in technology and research for agriculture in Australia.

Our primary technology is the SOLVITA™ range of compost and soil microbial activity tests. Solvita tests can help industries use recycled organic products to regenerate a healthy soil.

AgSight recognizes the importance of the AORA conference in achieving this goal.

FOCUS enviro



FOCUS enviro is a specialist provider of environmental equipment solution for the organics recycling industry
By understanding and matching application requirements to the client’s specific needs they offer a range of value for money and tailored options to deliver efficiency and build customer profitability.

With a team of experienced industry professionals, FOCUS now sets the standard for in market customer service. Delivering national and international proven technology with excellent local support is the winning combination.

Thank you to our 2024 Conference Supporters

AORA would like to acknowledge our National Sponsors who play an active role in realising our vision: