The AORA 2021 Annual Conference will focus on the Association’s mandate to develop pathways that promote sustainable growth of primary industry, the organics recycling market, and communities, through a healthy circular economy.

  • Pathways to a common vision
    As the peak body of organics recycling in Australia, AORA must weave together the ideas and ambitions of a diverse group into a coherent vision for the future. This year’s conference will dedicate time to collaboration, growing the community, including more voices in the discussion, and crystalising the vision and strategy for organics recycling over the next five years.
  • Pathways to an engaged community
    For organics recycling to reach its potential, it is essential that we better engage with residents and businesses to encourage good recycling practices and a dedication to the circular economy. We wish to hear from pioneers who have found effective means of engaging citizens and government to grow the pool of influencers striving for a cleaner, greener society.
  • Pathways to an informed opinion
    Information is the best weapon in the fight to establish a healthier, more sustainable economy. Delegates will hear from some of the world’s leading academics studying the beneficial reuse of recycled organics. They’ll also celebrate the achievements of Australia’s up and coming scientists, learning about the research conducted by the winners of the annual AORA Student Research Awards.

Please join us in June 2021to participate in and contribute to the charting of a compelling, informed vision for the organics recycling industry on a pathway to sustainable growth!