The AORA Annual Conference is well established as the principal conference in Australia for the recycled organics industry. Each conference is a forum for education, discussion and networking related to Organics Recycling. It is also an opportunity to celebrate outstanding achievements in the industry.

The Annual AORA Conference features workshops, presentations, Gala Dinner, Networking Function and industry tours. This is an opportunity to network with industry leaders and gain insight to the latest achievements in the Organics Recycling Industry.

The first AORA conference was held in 2013 in Sydney and is now run annually, rotating the location around Australia.


The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) works on behalf of its members to raise awareness of the benefits of recycling organic resources.

It aims to act as an advocate for the wider organics resource recovery and beneficial reuse industries, and to represent their views in a constructive dialogue with policy makers. The Association envisages an industry in which best practice is shared, standards are maintained and surpassed, and a positive contribution to safeguarding the environment is made.

The Association consists of a national Board of Directors which provides the strategic direction and governance/risk oversight of the Association. A National Executive Officer, who reports to the Board, administers the operations of the Association on a day-to-day basis. State committees provide local industry representation and services in addition to acting as a conduit of information and intelligence on state-based industry issues into the national Board and National Executive Officer. This structure works to provide a means of addressing state and national matters in a coordinated and effective manner.

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The AORA 2024 Annual Conference, themed Collaboration for Success – Securing our industry’s future, will explore critical themes shaping the organic recycling industry’s trajectory.

The Conference will explore how positive collaborative efforts can lead to consistent national and state policies and directions for organics recycling, in turn creating opportunities for innovation and growth that result in a resilient and successful industry.

Recognising that strong partnerships lie at the centre of a successful and robust industry, this year’s Conference will identify key focal points for collaboration including exploring the Federal Government’s future plans and initiatives impacting the organics recycling industry. Integrating these insights with the latest research outcomes and findings holds transformative potential that can further identify critical unknowns and research priorities, driving the industry forward.

By establishing strong foundations of collaboration between all levels of government, academia, industry and end-users creates an opportunity to navigate regulatory landscapes, identify priority issues and allow exploration of potential investment avenues that bolster industry sustainability and growth.


The AORA Conference Organising Committee consists of industry professionals from across the sector. The Australian Organics Recycling Association thanks the committee members for their contribution to the event.


  • Kurt Palmer, CEMAC Technologies (Chair)
  • Kali Martin, WestRex
  • Cara McNicol, Queensland Government
  • Celia Luck, Queensland Government
  • Deon Cope, Komptech CEA
  • Simon Humphris, Environmental Resource Solutions
  • Dr Stephen Ockerby, Agsight
  • Veronica Dullens, rEvolve Services
  • John McKew, Australian Organics Recycling Association
  • Alex Hammett, Australian Organics Recycling Association

Thank you to our 2024 Conference Supporters

AORA would like to acknowledge our National Sponsors who play an active role in realising our vision: